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Find your tribe.
Find your adventure.

Invitation-only club for dads to enjoy their favorite activities and make new friends


It's not where you go,
it's who you go with

Remember that new hiking route that you wanted to try? Tired of booking solo golf rounds? We match you with a group of like-minded dads excited to scale that mountain, hit the golf course, and join you on your next outing.

All you need to bring is your sense of adventure

We get it: life is busy. We take care of all the planning and logistics so that you can have fun and still be home on time for dinner.


Your weekly tune-up

You’re a great dad and you pride yourself on it. But time for yourself isn’t selfish - have an adventure, make some friends, and come back refreshed. New dinner stories guaranteed.


We are launching soon in NYC and are accepting applications for early access.

Submit your info and we'll reach out to see if Dad Club is a right fit for you.

Thank you! Please check your email for confirmation and next steps to book your interview!

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